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HUD/FHA Refunds
Anyone who financed their home with a HUD/FHA loan was required to take out a mortgage insurance policy which protected the actual Lender in case of default. This cost of this insurance policy was paid at closing and could have cost up to 3% of the loan amount. This expense was often financed and added into the mortgage amount explaining why many homeowners have forgotten they had paid for this insurance premium.

If the homeowner paid off the loan early, sold the home or refinanced the loan with a lower non-FHA loan, the mortgage insurance is terminated. Very likely, the homeowner is due a prorated refund of this insurance premium.

By the time HUD/FHA is notified that the insurance is to be terminated, the homeowner likely has moved on. HUD/FHA sends a letter to homeowner informing them of refund eligibility to the last known address and the homeowner never receives the notice.

Currently there are over 120,000 individuals who are owned over $250,000,000 in unclaimed FHA mortgage insurance refunds.

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